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Leaving a mark on the World!


Would it not be great, if everyone of us HAD IT!  You know the one thing that we could do or contribute to this world that would make it better for everyone.
We always hear of some already famous/wealthy person doing something for less fortunate people or causes.
And they get TV and print and social media time!  That is great but……………

Did you know it is the little things that YOU do that make a real difference in this world ?
That one simple thing you did for another, a smile, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on. All the times you did something wanting nothing in return. Helping another because it is just the right thing to do.

Those are marks that are left and those are the marks that multiply-these are the marks that are left on the world!


Passage of time


This month is going by so fast!
Is it because I’m a year older?
Is this how life works?

When we are young , time drags on and on and ………..
It takes for ever for Christmas to roll around!

And now that I’m old enough to appreciate all the wonders of life-it speeds by like a commuter train!
I want a do over!
If there is only one lesson I leave my child, it is this:
No one knows the number of days we are given, live each day fully and live YOUR life!
Don’t live someone else’s notion of life, love yourself immensely so that your love pours out to those around you, make your days happy ones-sing, dance, laugh, love and allow yourself to be Loved!

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She talks to Angels


  When your are very still inside
and you walk lightly within your mind
You might stumble into the corner
where the Angels recline!

You hear their whisper voices
ancient language to your ears
Your heart beating madly
but the sound takes your fears!

You remember as a babe
the Angels all around
And as the years passed
you thought them never to be found!

What joy to know that they
are with you everyday
And all you wish with all your heart
Is to understand what the Angels say!



Sleepless again!


Sleep once again teases me-so near , the heaviness weighs down on me !
And just when  I  think : YES,  I’m slipping into  the place of dreams and rest ,
I see you waiting there for me-I reach out and you disappear into mist!
My eyes fly open and I’m greeted by the twilight of my bedroom-heart pounding-breathless!
I’m so tired , cruel how life plays out!
You sleep knowing nothing of my nightly tortured ritual!

A Gift – Really?


My “Gift” or burden as I sometimes refer to it-came in handy when I was required to identify dishonest people. But now, it can make me feel uncomfortable.

 Imagine, you can tell when someone is hiding something from you, or telling you a lie, imagine shopping and going about your own business only to look up and see someone stealing!

People trying to hide something is the hardest for me because I just want to shake them and tell them:” It’s me your talking to-you don’t have to embellish or hide anything, I’m not gonna judge you! We all have things we try to hide from the outside world, things that we are ashamed of or things that we believe people will think less of us if they knew them!” We really want to be portrayed in the best possible light, but that can be so exhausting and with time we lose who we really are.

We are all broken in one way or another-we can’t judge someone by what their brokenness is or compare ours to theirs. Everyone’s journey is unique and we should try and help them live a Real life and not place undue burdens or expectations on them.

So what does this all have to do with my “Gift”? Depending on who you are: I might just come out and call you on it, for others I might ask probing questions, and for still others I won’t say a thing. But one thing you can be sure of-I’LL NEVER EMBARRASS YOU OR MISUSE YOUR TRUST!

We should never forget that Light and Dark dwell side by side within all of us!

So, yes I thank God for my gift, but it is not the one I would have chosen given a choice.>100_1359