Sleepless again!


Sleep once again teases me-so near , the heaviness weighs down on me !
And just when  I  think : YES,  I’m slipping into  the place of dreams and rest ,
I see you waiting there for me-I reach out and you disappear into mist!
My eyes fly open and I’m greeted by the twilight of my bedroom-heart pounding-breathless!
I’m so tired , cruel how life plays out!
You sleep knowing nothing of my nightly tortured ritual!


About S J

Anime Hair in Real Life. Living Real. Blogger wannbe. Retooled Denim TM Creator/Designer. Enjoy the freedom of riding my motorcycle. Not yet a member of the Iron Butt club. Tech Challenged at times.(doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you). Love shiny things. Little Flashy but not trashy. Love my kittehs and dogges. Don't like "besser wissers". Don't like spiders. Sometimes ,what I want to say doesn't come out right-if your offended ask for clarification Like stir fried. Coffee and Coconut oil. German speaker.

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