Leaving a mark on the World!


Would it not be great, if everyone of us HAD IT!  You know the one thing that we could do or contribute to this world that would make it better for everyone.
We always hear of some already famous/wealthy person doing something for less fortunate people or causes.
And they get TV and print and social media time!  That is great but……………

Did you know it is the little things that YOU do that make a real difference in this world ?
That one simple thing you did for another, a smile, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on. All the times you did something wanting nothing in return. Helping another because it is just the right thing to do.

Those are marks that are left and those are the marks that multiply-these are the marks that are left on the world!


About S J

I live my passions. One thing I have learned is to never say "never" because it is good to continue to learn and grow and challenge yourself and the way you view the world. Yep, I am a gal and I ride a motorcycle!

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