Stepping on toes!


People step on each other toes daily and mostly they are unaware of it.
When everything in your life revolves around yourself you can easily fall into the trap.
You no longer think about what life might be like for others, their struggles, their baggage, their daily fight to keep it together, their emotional scars.
We look others in the eyes but don’t see what is going on there-why should we, it would mean we would have to open our hearts to their hurting, and frankly we all feel like we hurt more than the next!
The truth is we are all broken and the only way to heal ourselves is to help others out of their misery, put off our egos and put others before our selves!

Love and Joy:-)


About S J

Anime Hair in Real Life. Living Real. Blogger wannbe. Retooled Denim TM Creator/Designer. Enjoy the freedom of riding my motorcycle. Not yet a member of the Iron Butt club. Tech Challenged at times.(doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you). Love shiny things. Little Flashy but not trashy. Love my kittehs and dogges. Don't like "besser wissers". Don't like spiders. Sometimes ,what I want to say doesn't come out right-if your offended ask for clarification Like stir fried. Coffee and Coconut oil. German speaker.

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