Spring Detox 2014


So, we are still in the pre-detox stage.
Water, Water, Water-I can not emphasise the importance of good fluids for our bodies. The water aids in the flushing out of toxins, it plumps our skin up (youthful looks) it helps our bodies work better.

One meatless meal a day for now-better yet try and make it two!

Moving-walking is one of the best things you can do for yourself-increases your heart rate, is easy on your joints and you can clear your mind!  My tip-pull your bellybutton towards the back of your spine while walking-you will be amazed at how quickly your tummy tightens up!

Mind-check your thoughts, are you overly critical? Do you find yourself getting bent out of shape because of little things?
Do you rerun bad episodes from your life over and over again? Are you in the “Oh woe is me” mode?  Now is the time to take a review and decide to take control of your emotions.

Remember: When life throws you a curve-Lean into it!


About S J

I live my passions. One thing I have learned is to never say "never" because it is good to continue to learn and grow and challenge yourself and the way you view the world. Yep, I am a gal and I ride a motorcycle!

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