Spring Detox 2014


So, have you given it some thought?  It won’t be hard and it won’t cost you a fortune!
But, as with many things you will have to make a decision – live heathly and feel alive or continue the Status Quo!

So increase your water intake!
Decrease the amount of meat in your meals, aim for at least 2 meatless meals a day!
Walk, Walk, Walk!
Wean yourself off of junk food!

Monday  is the beginning of the Detox-if you own a juicer, great!  If not, not a problem you will just be eating more veggies-cooked and raw!
Get a rough wash cloth-for full body washing!
Sea salt or what ever you have in the kitchen!
Fresh veggies-organic if available-to include lemons!
Coconut oil
Cayenne pepper
Steel cut oats

So that you all know : I’m starting out at 77 kg!
I’m not detoxing to lose weight, but I know from the past that I will lose  “toxic weight”!
And unless you have recently undergone a colonoscopy you will too!

Remember:When life throws you a curve lean into it!
P.S. Today is a great Day!!


About S J

Anime Hair in Real Life. Living Real. Blogger wannbe. Retooled Denim TM Creator/Designer. Enjoy the freedom of riding my motorcycle. Not yet a member of the Iron Butt club. Tech Challenged at times.(doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you). Love shiny things. Little Flashy but not trashy. Love my kittehs and dogges. Don't like "besser wissers". Don't like spiders. Sometimes ,what I want to say doesn't come out right-if your offended ask for clarification Like stir fried. Coffee and Coconut oil. German speaker.

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