One little lie won’t hurt!


Well, today is Valentine’s Day and I hope you all have a great one-filled with Love and Truth!

As some of you know (some more than others!) there is this thing that I’m able to do-Knowing when someone is not being honest!

With today being Valentine’s day. I just wanted to remind everyone that, Truth is really the best way to live, in all area of your life! You might think that withholding the truth or telling a little white lie is not going to hurt anyone-your wrong! You need to trust and trust requires that you always tell the truth and get off this notion that you are protecting someone with a little white lie. Because the truth is that when the little white lie is exposed the hurt is compounded!


About S J

I live my passions. One thing I have learned is to never say "never" because it is good to continue to learn and grow and challenge yourself and the way you view the world. Yep, I am a gal and I ride a motorcycle!

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