Alles und Nichts! Everything and Nothing!


-life i can do, it is the moments in between that are unbearable!

-giving up i can’t even do right!

-we wait for life and awake the moment death calls on us!

-regardless of how shitty we feel, life won’t stop to pick us up!

-eat, love, live every moment in mindfulness, taste and savor the richness of this gift!

-what we give, we receive multiplied, but only if given without thoughts of self!

-each life deserves our attention and love!

-when you cry-cry hard and clean your soul!

-i pray that when i see you i see myself!

-never think you have nothing to give, love is the priceless gift!


About S J

Anime Hair in Real Life. Living Real. Blogger wannbe. Retooled Denim TM Creator/Designer. Enjoy the freedom of riding my motorcycle. Not yet a member of the Iron Butt club. Tech Challenged at times.(doesn't bother me so it shouldn't bother you). Love shiny things. Little Flashy but not trashy. Love my kittehs and dogges. Don't like "besser wissers". Don't like spiders. Sometimes ,what I want to say doesn't come out right-if your offended ask for clarification Like stir fried. Coffee and Coconut oil. German speaker.

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