It starts with a slap on the Ass!


well, that is what we were all lead to believe


we don’t even have to think about doing it, it’s automatic  from the moment of our birth until the last moments before leaving this 3 Ring Circus. we all have to do it!  and even though it is automatic the cool thing is that we can learn to control our breathing!

sit still and feel your breath

do you  breathe shallow or does your tummy rise when you inhale?

can you feel the energy from your breath into your finger tips?

Don’t roll your eyes! Give me a chance or maybe a few moments of your time! I promise it won’t hurt!

Sit , lie, stand-it doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose fill your lungs deeply, let the air push your tummy out. Slowly exhale through slightly parted lips and then breathe in again. Exhale and breathe in-exhale and breathe in keep going. Just think about your breathing, nothing else!  Slowly, find the pace that is yours.Exhale and breathe in………

Did you feel yourself calming, releasing stress,letting the burdens of life leave you for a moment, being energized by the power of air?

We are all beings of energy and the best way to cleanse and bring our energy back into balance is to learn to breathe- feeding our bodies with oxygen.

Breath is so important and yet we take it for granted, when we take the journey of conscious breathing and practice it we can discover things about ourselves that we never knew were within us.

So did you do it? Were you just still and thinking of only breathing?

You did!  Congratulations, you were Meditating!!



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