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What an interesting Year


I must say, 2015 was interesting in many different ways !

For those of you who know me, you are aware that I am now a member of a Motorcycle Riding Club, an all female one at that ! I will try to convey to you thru this blog the ups and downs and pure joy of riding a motorcycle and riding with a group of women who I claim as my SISTERS.100_1359

For some years now I have longed to belong to a group of motorcyclists, people that I could be friends with, people I could ride with, people who can challenge me, people that understand the best relationships are a balance between give and take.

After countless hours of research and many miles of clandestine checking out of other groups I was drawn to my current club. Yes, it is a Riding Club and not an MC. People who join an MC (Motorcycle Club) are extremely dedicated to their club, they have mandatory meetings and rides.Many Mcs require their members ride a certain number of miles each year and that they also ride into other states. They go thru a lengthy probationary period, during which time they do not wear a back patch. After they have proven that they are a good fit with the MC, they are presented/awarded/earned their patches.  Being in a Riding Club does not require that level of commitment-don’t get me wrong, we ask for your commitment but our level is way lower.

And saying I encountered ups and downs is the truth. As with any new endeavor there are growing pains. I made several unintentional mistakes when I started this chapter. Mistakes that I have learned from and hope as time goes on I will beable to share with my readers.

But back to my journey; for at least 2.5 months I was riding solo. I kept telling myself: I know that I am not the only female who rides her own!  I posted on FB and Meetup. Quiet a few women contacted me but when they found out they had to ride their own and that we were a serious Riding Club and yes, we give back to our communities the conversation stopped.  One lady was only interested in buying the patch, REALLY!!                                                                                                                      Finally, I hooked up with a remarkable woman, she decided to bet on me and my vision for this chapter. She was my first official member and she has become not only my VP but my confidant!    Us meeting is definitely an Up !!

The vision for this chapter is in direct line with our Founders vision for the International Riding Club and that is : Encourage women to ride their own. Empower women to make good choices for themselves, their families and communities.Be positive role models in out communties. Support women in their healthy goals for themselves. Provide a safe non-judgemental, DRAMA free  environment, a place where the shy ones have a voice, a place where they can voice their opionons and will be heard. A place where women understand their responsibilty to each other. A place where loyalty is not just spoken about but demonstrated. A place where new riders are encouraged and able to ride at their own pace and learn about safety and riding in formation. A place where women can ride together and become better riders.

Until next time -Sisterhood-Respect-Loyalty and much Love