Monthly Archives: July 2016


In Texas it is HOT, HOT and Hot !

We had the pleasure of riding with a group of really chill ladies a week ago. It was not a check off miles ride – more of let’s check out the surrounding area.

What stood out the most for me was the way everyone kinda meshed, good vibes and a being comfortable around each other. Some of us had just met that morning. But if you saw us at the restaurant or swimming  afterwards you would have thought that we  go waaaay back.

This same feeling came up a few nights ago at a local Ladies Garage Night. Ladies talking about their passion for riding and traveling and having new experiences. I believe that for the most part we as women have had a bad rap. Even among our own gender we have the reputation of being  petty and back stabbing, gossipy etc. I know many people say that it is in our DNA-Bullshit. It comes about from our environment! Jealousy and hate are all things of the Ego, things that are learned.

Truth is, that this is the first time in my life that I have chosen to become friends with so many women! Why, because I just connected better with guys and for the most part there was no Drama.  Now, I am meeting women who know who they are and they have no need to drag others down just to make themselves look good. Women who share my enthusiasm for riding and furthering riding among other women too.

Thru Facebook I am following and have met women who are showing that we can maintain our femininity and still be kick butt biker babes, women who no longer have to hide who they are and who they love, women who are going thru some serious medical issues but they keep on. Women who are making a difference in their communities and invite us to join them. Women who are teaching their daughters what it means to be your own self.

And from all these women I have learned to be non-apologetic about who I am and what my vision for my life is ! Am I perfect?  OH, HELL NO ! But what good is life if you can not make mistakes?  So Ladies, give your Sisters a break, let them make mistakes and forgive them because only you suffer when you hang on to hate!