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Thursday Thoughts-Compromise

Compromise, what a great idea!
Two parties want different things but no one is willing to give in-so you come up with a compromise. A solution to the problem at hand that both parties can live with. Sounds great and in most cases it works out great too—–
But, what about you ? What if you find yourself in relationships, friendships and social circles being the one having to do all the “compromising “?
It starts out hamless enough: Suzy pouting: “I don’t want to do that!” So, you give in and do what Suzy wants. The next time comes around and again Suzy does not want to do something so the pouting starts but this time you stick to your guns and let her know what ya’ll will be doing-well, suddenly something comes up and Suzy can’t go-ok it happens sometimes-but now Suzy is Butthurt and instead of telling you what is wrong she decides to totally go dark for a few weeks, leaving you and everyone else wondering what in the hell is going on! She is now in manipulation mode-she will have had the time to practice some sob story of what has been going on and why she has been so distant. (research into the validity of her statements prove that she is not too honest either.)
Or she loudly protests any suggestions you make, because they were not her ideas. In those moments the “team player” mentality is not being practiced. Again, her treatment of you leaves a lot to be desired.

True friends and most people for the fact of the matter do not act like this, they understand what compromise means, they understand that in relationships you give and you take. Never too much of one and most definitely never too much of the other.

Things need to change when:
You find yourself having to compromise much more than just who gets to decide what is going to be done.
You find yourself giving into the wishes of others so as not to upset them.
You find yourself disregarding your beliefs, just to pacify someone else.
You find yourself doing something under “false / shady” pretenses.
There is no shame in calling people out for that behavior , there is no shame in leaving those types of relationships, there is no shame in being UNCOMPROMISING in those areas that mean much to you! (IMHO if no harm of any kind comes to another being).
May you recognize selfish behavior not only in others but in yourself too and put a stop to it !

First ever Lace Grace and Gears rally !  


Lady Riders-Motorcycle Riders converged on Beaumont, Texas in an attempt to set a new world record of the most Lady riders in a motorcycle motorcade.

For those of you hoping to read a negative review of this event, I am happy to disappoint you! ( Any suggestions that I have of improving some areas, I will share in a private setting.)

Update: for the record I do not agree with blaming a whole city and their police force on social media. Grievances can and should be handled in a more constructive manner.

The organizers of Lace Grace and Gears provided us – Lady Bikers – with a canvas with which we each could create our own experience and for the majority of attendees we created a one of a kind experience!

I have in all my years of riding and attending events never felt this at home and at ease around others as I did during this event. Meeting many for the first time that awkwardness was not there. There was a level of excitement but tempered with laid backness! Even the men who were in attendance were easy and gracious to be around . Ok, telling the truth there were 2 guys that were there Saturday morning that were totally rubs and acted like little boys. Had any of the men in attendance over heard them talking about the women, I am sure they would have been escorted to the nearest alley!

The citizens of Beaumont surely had second thoughts about a “Biker Rally” in their city, but once they realized that it was Women, they fully embraced us. So many people who I came in contact with were just great and excited to see all these women on motorcycles. People would stop and make a point of telling me how great they thought the Rally was and that they too would like to start riding.

My group stayed at the #MCM Elegante hotel and every single associate there was upbeat, polite and went out their way to make our stay a memorable one. The food during our stay was amazing, Thursday night was Steak on the grill with buffet of salad and baked potatoes. I like my Steak very, very well done. The gentleman who grilled it did a perfect job-I had the right amount of charring around the edges and it was well done. This steak, even though I wanted the crap cooked out of it-was the most tender steak I have ever eaten. We ate all our meals with  the exception of lunch in the hotel. And I am so pleased with the quality and service that we received.

So in closing I want to thank the citizens of Beaumont but most of all YOU fellow lady riders the women who helped make this an event that has helped me refocus and reenergize my efforts to bring into the fold  and support other women riders.

Keep it real and remember-you get back what you give out!

Namaste  ~~SJ~~





The First of many! Lone Star Run!

The First of many! Lone Star Run!

An idea/dream born some many years ago has begun to take shape. The first steps of what we hope will become a Texas tradition/event/happening, were taken on August 28 2016 @ 0800hrs.

The idea is really a combination of two kick-ass events-The El Diablo Run and Babes Ride Out.

It is a return to Old School riding! It is an attempt to gather like-minded bikers together, to ride, share stories and make lasting friendships.

Is is NOT-an event where you pay to register, there are no vendors, no headlining acts-it is purely about the ride and being  your own person. You choose your own lodging or sleep next to your bike.

It is -a ride in the Great State of Texas, it is a self paced ride, it will challenge you to be more independent, it will give you the opportunity to swap stories and learn things about your bike and yourself that might not have known. It is a ride where it is all about the rider, their bike and Texas!

This year’s ride was the Three Sisters, we chose an overnight to see how much distance is enjoyable for one day. On this trip we learned a lot about each other and took the time to enjoy the scenic roads and small towns.

We met some really nice folks on the road, the thing that stood out was all the well wishes we received along the way-from non-riders to MC members. Everyone thought it was pretty cool to see a group of women out on the road. Most importantly we made memories and now have our own road stories to add !

So, maybe you will join us on our next run !

Till then: if life throws you a curve lean into it!


Riding Clubs vs Social Clubs



“Maybe you would be better off in a Social Club.”
Many people in the motorcycle community are attempting to blur the line between RC and SC.
It is true that both will socialize, talk bikes, eat and drink.
But the role of a true Riding Club is to get their members out on the road, to log some miles on their bikes. The true bonding happens on the road, when you stop after an hour of riding at some gas station, and everyone is glad for the break but also looking forward to the next leg of the trip! When after riding all day you break for lunch or dinner and after a hour find yourself wanting to get back on the bike. When your hot, sweaty and dirty but you could care less. When the ride is coming to the end and everyone wants to take the long way home.
When you talk to your Sisters and everyone agrees-We need to get together and ride!

Does the destination matter? Does there have to be a bar visit during every ride? Do the rides only happen for Bike nights? No-No and No!

So before you start gushing about wanting to join a Riding Club and wear a pretty patch on you back ask yourself: are you more interested in riding the open road or are you only interested in riding to the next bar?
Because if a bar is more appealing to you : Then maybe you should join a Social Club!

I am truly blessed to have found Sisters that share the love of the open road. But what is overwhelming is the fact that from our common love of riding we have bonded and found true friendship and Sisterhood. We place the needs of our fellow Sisters before our own, we have all proven over and over again that we will drop whatever we are doing to come to the aid and support of each other. And that closeness was born out on the open road.

Respect – Sisterhood – Loyalty
and much Love

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What an interesting Year


I must say, 2015 was interesting in many different ways !

For those of you who know me, you are aware that I am now a member of a Motorcycle Riding Club, an all female one at that ! I will try to convey to you thru this blog the ups and downs and pure joy of riding a motorcycle and riding with a group of women who I claim as my SISTERS.100_1359

For some years now I have longed to belong to a group of motorcyclists, people that I could be friends with, people I could ride with, people who can challenge me, people that understand the best relationships are a balance between give and take.

After countless hours of research and many miles of clandestine checking out of other groups I was drawn to my current club. Yes, it is a Riding Club and not an MC. People who join an MC (Motorcycle Club) are extremely dedicated to their club, they have mandatory meetings and rides.Many Mcs require their members ride a certain number of miles each year and that they also ride into other states. They go thru a lengthy probationary period, during which time they do not wear a back patch. After they have proven that they are a good fit with the MC, they are presented/awarded/earned their patches.  Being in a Riding Club does not require that level of commitment-don’t get me wrong, we ask for your commitment but our level is way lower.

And saying I encountered ups and downs is the truth. As with any new endeavor there are growing pains. I made several unintentional mistakes when I started this chapter. Mistakes that I have learned from and hope as time goes on I will beable to share with my readers.

But back to my journey; for at least 2.5 months I was riding solo. I kept telling myself: I know that I am not the only female who rides her own!  I posted on FB and Meetup. Quiet a few women contacted me but when they found out they had to ride their own and that we were a serious Riding Club and yes, we give back to our communities the conversation stopped.  One lady was only interested in buying the patch, REALLY!!                                                                                                                      Finally, I hooked up with a remarkable woman, she decided to bet on me and my vision for this chapter. She was my first official member and she has become not only my VP but my confidant!    Us meeting is definitely an Up !!

The vision for this chapter is in direct line with our Founders vision for the International Riding Club and that is : Encourage women to ride their own. Empower women to make good choices for themselves, their families and communities.Be positive role models in out communties. Support women in their healthy goals for themselves. Provide a safe non-judgemental, DRAMA free  environment, a place where the shy ones have a voice, a place where they can voice their opionons and will be heard. A place where women understand their responsibilty to each other. A place where loyalty is not just spoken about but demonstrated. A place where new riders are encouraged and able to ride at their own pace and learn about safety and riding in formation. A place where women can ride together and become better riders.

Until next time -Sisterhood-Respect-Loyalty and much Love