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Trusting people is very difficult for me at is time in my life, truth is I have never easily trusted others!
People sometimes get so wrapped up in their own world and their need to be accepted, loved, admired , etc., that they forget how you begged them not to betray your trust! They forget that what you asked of them or told them was  between the two of you!
When they betray your trust it is out of very selfish reasons!
What they do not realize at that moment is that the hurt they are doing to you can not always be easily forgiven and in many cases never forgotten.
I find it extremely disturbing when family members or people that we deeply love, betray our trust!
Do I have an answer at this moment-NO!  But I’m sure that with prayers and contemplation I will be able to find a way to deal with betrayal without sacrificing my morals and principles !

And those of you “Who really know me”, you know that my blog and postings deal always with things that are of concern to me!

Remember, If life throws you a curve-lean into it!


A Gift – Really?


My “Gift” or burden as I sometimes refer to it-came in handy when I was required to identify dishonest people. But now, it can make me feel uncomfortable.

 Imagine, you can tell when someone is hiding something from you, or telling you a lie, imagine shopping and going about your own business only to look up and see someone stealing!

People trying to hide something is the hardest for me because I just want to shake them and tell them:” It’s me your talking to-you don’t have to embellish or hide anything, I’m not gonna judge you! We all have things we try to hide from the outside world, things that we are ashamed of or things that we believe people will think less of us if they knew them!” We really want to be portrayed in the best possible light, but that can be so exhausting and with time we lose who we really are.

We are all broken in one way or another-we can’t judge someone by what their brokenness is or compare ours to theirs. Everyone’s journey is unique and we should try and help them live a Real life and not place undue burdens or expectations on them.

So what does this all have to do with my “Gift”? Depending on who you are: I might just come out and call you on it, for others I might ask probing questions, and for still others I won’t say a thing. But one thing you can be sure of-I’LL NEVER EMBARRASS YOU OR MISUSE YOUR TRUST!

We should never forget that Light and Dark dwell side by side within all of us!

So, yes I thank God for my gift, but it is not the one I would have chosen given a choice.>100_1359