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Ok the title of this series is “Chineeisms” after my father Douglas Grogan. My Dad is now 93 years old and he has decided to come and live with us.

He was born in a town that no longer exists and he grew up without indoor plumbing or insulation or many of the things we “softies” take for granted. He got his nickname from an Uncle who wanted to know how he was doing and Grandma answered :” He is fine, but all he eats is rice!”  So from China Man it was shortened to “Chinee” . From as long as I can remember his family has called him by that name and it was always so natural that I assumed it was his first name! But then again, our family also had a Uncle Hooch! Go figure!

Any way Dad was telling me how Uncle Hooch always said that when you get old you get 3 falls.  I told him he had already passed that number and he said :”Oh, you get 3 each year!”  “Dad, I think you might be getting close to that number now, did you fall while in Germany?”  “Did I say each year? I meant to say each Country!”  I will not be surprised if it changes to: town, and then month!!

Dad and I were telling my DH how we couldn’t wait to get to Texas. DH:”Well, you guys can just pack up and leave me here all by my lonesome:(”             Dad shot back :”That’ll Work!”

Well, we are blessed to have him with us and we will continue to make life fun and full of activities for as long as he is with us!~

P.S. this pic is from last year and yes he still enjoys a cigar from time to time!

Take care and smile!



Hard to say Goodbye!



isn’t it so ironic, here we are so excited about our upcoming move and at the same time falling in love with our home all over again!

Maybe, because we have shined her up and taken such good care of her over the years and made improvements to her.  Maybe it is all the memories we made in her, But I’m getting very melancholic about leaving her.  We adore our neighbors and neighborhood, we enjoy walking our dogs and seeing what everyone else is planting. This is a great and safe neighborhood to live in. We even have a neighborhood association-get together s and plant exchanges and people keeping the neighborhood a nice place to live!

I’m praying God will bring us a new owner who will adore and care for this fine home and enjoy it as much as we have!

DH is on a rampage!


One of our pets is in a lot of trouble-I mean A LOT OF TROUBLE!

It seems Chewie got into something that is verboten and now all the pets are being interrogated! (hehehe). Like they are going to tell him who did it, doesn’t he know it’s not cool to eat cheese on an other Fur sister or brother.   When it comes to taking sides my experience has been that the Fur will band together against the Furless!

I’m kinda on the side of the Fur, since I did train ’em all and this kinda reflects badly on me, but hey “We didn’t see nothing!”