The First of many! Lone Star Run!

The First of many! Lone Star Run!

An idea/dream born some many years ago has begun to take shape. The first steps of what we hope will become a Texas tradition/event/happening, were taken on August 28 2016 @ 0800hrs.

The idea is really a combination of two kick-ass events-The El Diablo Run and Babes Ride Out.

It is a return to Old School riding! It is an attempt to gather like-minded bikers together, to ride, share stories and make lasting friendships.

Is is NOT-an event where you pay to register, there are no vendors, no headlining acts-it is purely about the ride and being  your own person. You choose your own lodging or sleep next to your bike.

It is -a ride in the Great State of Texas, it is a self paced ride, it will challenge you to be more independent, it will give you the opportunity to swap stories and learn things about your bike and yourself that might not have known. It is a ride where it is all about the rider, their bike and Texas!

This year’s ride was the Three Sisters, we chose an overnight to see how much distance is enjoyable for one day. On this trip we learned a lot about each other and took the time to enjoy the scenic roads and small towns.

We met some really nice folks on the road, the thing that stood out was all the well wishes we received along the way-from non-riders to MC members. Everyone thought it was pretty cool to see a group of women out on the road. Most importantly we made memories and now have our own road stories to add !

So, maybe you will join us on our next run !

Till then: if life throws you a curve lean into it!



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